18 December 2015


It's 04:09 am on my side of the world at the moment and I kid you not, I've been awake since about 02:30. It's amazing to discover where one's mind is taken to at ungodly hours of the day, such as now.
Far off in the distance I hear cars or maybe trucks hauling off to perform the day's jobs. More closely, I can hear the high-pitched squeaks of one bird and the long melodious voice of another.

16 December 2015

A fleeting Moment

I stumbled across a statistic page on Blogger a couple of days ago. I was excited to find that someone in Poland, the Ukraine and  the U.S.A reads what I write. So to all of you Halo, Здравствуйте and hello. I really hope the Ukrainian one is correct. I know Google translate isn't the most accurate of translating services, but I'm going to trust it on this one. But, in the event that I have just sweared at you and your family; I'm sorry.


30 August 2015

Life is 'perfect'.

I came across an article which truly highlights my purpose for creating this blog. Miranda Athanasiou writes "People are more concerned with proving to the rest of the world that they're having the time of their lives than actually enjoying themselves."


29 August 2015

Having A Down Day?

"The pool virtually overflowed into the ocean."
Let me start off with a story- I mean, who doesn't like a story? I was recently in Greece, on the small yet very beautiful 'island' of Porto Cheli (after thinking this place was an island for the past 9 years, it turns out it is not. It is part of main land Greece) but anyways, back to the story.
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