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26 December 2018

What I Learned in 2018

I'm pretty sure I set more than one New Year's resolution for 2018 but here I find myself with five days left until 2019 and I can only remember one.

13 November 2018


I've built a community on this blog through the written word. On here, it's always me typing away but now I'm hoping we can reverse the roles a bit.

6 November 2018

3 Sentences To Keep People Out Your Business

In last week's post How My Life Has Changed in One Year, I detailed how over the last 365 days, I've transformed into someone I'm really proud of. I stand by this version of myself. I bolster her on the bad days and encourage her to jump off the highest spring boards of success on the better days. I've grown a lot. I'm a far-cry from the version of myself that I was in March or April this year, but I've already spoken about that so I won't go on.


30 October 2018

How My Life Has Changed in One Year

It's usually a person's completion of another cycle around the sun that initiates self-reflection, whilst for others it's the anniversary of an event- maybe the last day they took a swig of alcohol, the first time they left the house in many years or the first time they tipped out of their comfort zone. Different days stand out for different reasons. The day that recently caused me to turn within and judge how far I've come over the last year was the last Sunday in October, or more specifically, the day we fall backwards by one hour in the UK because of daylight saving time.

25 October 2018

Blogger's Guide to London Bridge*

I've been a Londoner for a little over a year now which makes me qualified to give you a Londoner's guide to the city I now call home, right? Obviously being the good journalism student that I am, I did my research of 'the top places to visit in London Bridge' and then proceeded to do everything in my power to stay away from every place or experience mentioned in those lists.
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