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28 November 2017

My Blog Has Been Discovered!

This blog post is going to have two parts to it, mainly because I wrote part two earlier this week before the events that unfolded tonight. Part one I'm writing now, and you'll understand why:


20 November 2017

Blogging: Behind the Scenes

This post is going to be very different from any other post because well, it isn't going to be a blog post. 


16 November 2017

Personal & Massive Life Update

I'm not sure if you've noticed this on my blog or not, but I like to tell stories. Dare I say that I think I'm pretty good at it too. There's something about diminishing my life, my memories and my experiences into sentences that brings me an abnormal amount of joy. It's interesting to see what I leave out and what I choose to put in. I choose certain adjectives and verbs to re-tell moments which someone else might narrate very differently.

9 November 2017

My Perfect Midnight Walk in the Park

London Park Visit
The time must have just passed 12AM. Not that I would know though. I didn't have a watch or a phone on me. Somewhere between him barging into my room and us finding our way to the local park and me getting lost in his world, meant that I left my phone behind. I was lucky in this regard; That I was able to find someone with whom I could escape. The only other place that I'd ever found that sense of escapism was in the pool, never in a person. This was a lot more fun.

26 October 2017

Street Art District in London| Brick Lane & Notting Hill | Lost in London

Remember way back when I asked you to send me your favourite places to amble around in London? Well, my adventures started off with Richmond Park in London. I loved getting mud on my boots, however, I swopped the mud for pavements and the gravel of city streets and headed to Brick Lane and Notting Hill, both in central London, a few weeks back. I dragged a friend along with me because getting lost in a city is always more enjoyable when you're not alone.
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