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14 February 2019

Meeting The First Man I Met From Tinder...Again

The night after I wrote a post from the sanctuary of my bedroom called 'My First Kiss (One Year On) + Feeling Lonely, I wrote the text which follows:

6 February 2019

My First Kiss (One Year On) + Feeling Lonely

I know where I was one year ago. On the first Wednesday of February 2018, I found myself in a local club, particularly on the disco dance floor, which is where all the sing-along songs from the 90s are played until your ears ring- unfortunately, I mean this rather literally. By the end of this night one year ago, I will have secured myself a date for Valentine's Day and an un-balanced mixture of heartache and desire for the next few months to come but I wouldn't know about the latter bit.


26 December 2018

What I Learned in 2018

I'm pretty sure I set more than one New Year's resolution for 2018 but here I find myself with five days left until 2019 and I can only remember one.

13 November 2018


I've built a community on this blog through the written word. On here, it's always me typing away but now I'm hoping we can reverse the roles a bit.

6 November 2018

3 Sentences To Keep People Out Your Business

In last week's post How My Life Has Changed in One Year, I detailed how over the last 365 days, I've transformed into someone I'm really proud of. I stand by this version of myself. I bolster her on the bad days and encourage her to jump off the highest spring boards of success on the better days. I've grown a lot. I'm a far-cry from the version of myself that I was in March or April this year, but I've already spoken about that so I won't go on.

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