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14 August 2017

How I'm Preparing to Move to London at 18 (Without My Parents)

 One month.

That's all the time between this moment here and the moment that I touch down at London's Heathrow Airport and add another city onto the already longer-than-average list of cities that I call home. I started the whole university application process about a year ago. It's unbelievable to see all those unknowns reveal themselves and lose the 'un' part. It's rather satisfying, too. And scary, but I already spoke about that here.

2 August 2017

Moving to the UK: The Emotional Side

I don't have dreams often. Hardly ever really. Now and again though I wake up knowing I just experienced a fantastically odd adventure in my head. 10 minutes later though, I usually don't remember any of it. A few nights ago, that statement would not have been true. It was a nightmare that I still remember- almost one week on and almost 100%.


31 July 2017

3 Unique Blogs You Have to Get Your Eyes On Today

I am a MASSIVE blog lover. I do love a good blog; Show me a string of well put together sentences, a decent layout and unique ideas and I am so there for it. I've visited tons and tons of blogs- probably nearing a few thousand. In my scouring adventures, I've found 3 blogs which I have visited consistently (and sometimes daily).

19 July 2017

A List of Things That I Love/Hate About Blogging

We all have love-hate relationships. You know, something we can't live with or without. Something that teeters on the two opposite emotions of love and hate. I have a love-hate relationship with a lot of things: siblings, tomatoes and blogging.


17 July 2017

Why I Consider Blogging My Dirty Little Secret

Since creating my blog back in August 2015, I've posted about my first date ever, my take on my friend's swearing habitsalcohol-induced happenings and being 18 and never been kissed. I'm not sure if you've noticed but these are revealing and vulnerable anecdotes about myself.

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