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24 June 2017

Finding My Tinder Soulmate || Girl vs Greece

 Despite the stereotypes that follow the millennial generation around, I'm not much into online dating. I think I've always known that. I've often heard about apps like Tinder and stories about how people found love. However, with that comes stories of horrific murders and rapes; That was enough to put me off of online dating... until now.

22 June 2017

Tips to Maintain Your Weight Whilst Travelling (& Eat All The Food In The World) || Girl vs Greece

I'm surrounding by quite literally the best food in the world- from deep fried calamari, spanakopitas, loukanikopites and about one thousand and one other Grecian concoctions I'm bound to put on weight- especially if this is all I'll be eating for two months (not the I'm complaining). I haven't even mentioned the desserts.

20 June 2017

41 Bucket List Things to Do in Greece in Summer || Girl vs Greece

I'm nearing the completion of my first week in Greece. Its been so incredibly lovely to be back to a place that is so familiar and yet so unknown. 

I've decided to show my Greece adventures in a weekly series. Each week, I'll post all my photos in the categories of 'people', 'places' and yet to be decided categories that I think are appropriate.

18 June 2017

The Shocking Story of How My Blog Got Stolen By A Stranger

I had other plans for this post. I imagined pictures of the mediterranean ocean, sandals and a whole lot of summer. But, alas, it seems like that's just going to have to wait. This is the story of how I went to bed one night and woke up the next day with a stolen blog.

16 June 2017

Writing A Blog Post in the Most Unexpected Place

Under normal circumstances, I’d write to you and say that on ‘my side of this world’ it’s summer…or winter etc. However, this post does not warrant normality in any from. It’s currently 00:13 according to my laptop- whether that means it’s 00:13 in South Africa or the local time at my destination, I’m not really sure. I tend to misjudge all concepts of time when I travel. Also, I’m not quite sure where exactly I currently find myself in the world…but I think I’ve just crossed over into the Northern Hemisphere. I think. I guess that means I’m headed in the right direction.
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